Critical Care

Intensive-care medicine or critical-care medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and management of life threatening conditions requiring sophisticated organ support and invasive monitoring.

Patients with severe but potentially reversible problems are the most appropriate members for critical care unit, rather than those with chronic terminal illness. The chief advantage of CCU is provision of better, timely and organized care.

It is a matter of great pride that the ASHRAI TEAM is one of the most efficient critical care groups in the city. All specialists at ASHRAI have gone through vigorous training and certification for practicing critical care medicine. Ours is the only team of intensivists in Gujarat which has received special training in managing lung and liver transplants both. We have now assisted in the maximum number of Liver Transplants in the state of Gujarat.

We specialize in the management of several types of emergencies which include – Septic shock & multiorgan failure, ARDS , Severe acute pancreatitis, fulminate liver failure, cirrhosis and its complications, Preoperative complications, Neuromuscular emergencies like GBS, Myasthenia crisis, Poly trauma including flail chest, Acute Pulmonary embolism, Cardiogenic shock, Management of severe Burns, Poisonings and Pregnancy related critical care issues.

Our specialists are experts at performing routine ICU procedures which include Endotracheal intubation, Central venous canulation, Arterial line insertion, Pulmonary artery catheter insertion, Percutaneous tracheostomy, and Intercostals drainage tubes.

We have got complete critical care facility at Spandan, Vadaj, Ahmedabad.